Using heavy weight interfacing

When I do the class I introduce students to beading directly onto the leather vamp. However, if you are doing a solid design like a mandala you can bead onto a heavy weight interfacing and then stitch that onto the moc vamp. It is MUCH easier to bead on the interfacing. If you look closely at Dionne’s mocs you can see the edge of the interfacing on the outside edge of the beading.  She has used this technique.

Dionne's mocs

Completed barrette of a wren (bird)

Done my wren (bird) barrette using size 15 beads. It was quite a learning experience. Working with such small beads is hard and delicate work. I picked up the two needle embroidery technique for beading along the way. It produces a much smoother line but takes some getting used to. Here is a tutorial that shows you how to do it.  If you look closely at the image, I use the single needle technique in the first two rows of white beads (on the outside of the barrette), then switch over to the two needle technique for the remainder of the fill. You can really see the difference in outcome.

wren barrette

Wren barrette

My first beading project with #15 beads. They are tiny tiny like the head of a pin but they allow for a much greater amount of detail. This barrette is for my sister who is an avid bird lover. It’s an image of a wren. I’ve finished the body, now on to the background. I’ve included my beading as well as the original image I worked from.